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G-Spot Enhancement - The Latest Procedure in Sexual Enhancement
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What is G-Spot Enhancement?

G-Spot Enhancement with Hedden Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama

G-Spot Enhancement is a non-surgical treatment that can enhance a woman's sexual experience by adding fullness to the G-Spot. This highly sensitive erogenous zone is located at the front and two to three inches inside of the vagina. Stimulation of the G-Spot in some women increases sexual arousal and allows them to have orgasms that are more frequent and intense.

The G-Spot is enhanced or amplified using a cosmetic filler, such as Prevelle or collagen. These dermal fillers are also used to smooth facial wrinkles and restore volume to the skin. This injection, which is formulated with lidocaine anesthetic, makes the G-Spot larger and more pronounced. With the enlarged G-Spot more easily stimulated through sexual penetration, many women experience a heightening of sexual pleasure. The results last for approximately 4 to 12 months.

G-Spot Enhancement (also called G-Spot Augmentation, G-Spot Enlargement, G-Spot Amplification or the G-Shot) is offered by the cosmetic surgeons at Hedden Plastic Surgery for women who would like to improve their ability to achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation. The procedure is essentially painless and is performed at our fully-accredited Birmingham, Alabama office-based surgical suite. There is no downtime and patients are able to return to the comfort of home the same day.

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